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One way to enter my work is through the drawing.  A simple tool like a pen is usually what activates an idea. With a pen, I can navigate the overflow of information, of calm or erupting emotions, confusion, understandings and misunderstandings. The fragments the pen delivers from the mind´s eye via the hand onto a surface, as lines gather together into a universe of their own. It is an abstract place made of fragmented thoughts. 

When the drawing works itself into a 2D painting, color and brush add more information and expand the universe. Accordion books, canvases, large and small, sticks, translucent drafting film, fabric and large site specific installations reflect restlessness, clarity and confusion. They also address the blurred boundaries between painting, drawing and sculpture. 

I am interested in the inner logic of emotion and how reason or logic contains emotion. The paintings of the "logic series": “flight,” “fury,” “control,” and “exploration,” are examples of work wrestling with these opposites.   My work is generated in a dialogue between not knowing and knowing. When I begin, I do not know where my work will go or end up. The process is terribly frustrating, but also exhilarating when it surprises me.

Education: MFA.  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
M.A.  Applied Research in Education, University of East Anglia, England
B.Ed.  University Teachers College of Iceland
Awards& Grants:
2014 The Icelandic Department of Culture: National Artist Fellowship
2011 Barbara and Magnús. Á. Árnason Memorial Fund, Iceland
2006 The Icelandic Dept..of Culture. National Artist Fellowship: Travel Grant
2005 Individual Artist Award Nominee, The Richard H. Driehouse Foundation, Chicago.
2004 American Scandinavian Foundation
2003 Myndstef, travel grant
Residency Fellowship, Hafnarborg Art Museum, Iceland
Residency Fellowship SÍM, Union of Icelandic Artist, Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 Honorary Mention, School of the Art Institute Graduation Fellowship
2001 Nippon Steel /USA Residential Award
Teaching Assistantship, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2000 Teaching Assistantship, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Scholarship from the Soroptimists of Europe
Residency Fellowship at Hafnarborg Art Museum, Iceland
Parson Group, Student Award
Nippon Steel /USA Residential Award
1999 Bryan Lathrop Fellowship. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1984 Foreign & Commonwealth Official Scholarship & Award Scheme
Solo Exhibitions:
2014 brot/ fragment fracture, fold, violation,  ASI Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland
2013 gastro | A site-specific installation, Taste of Chicago/Celebrity Chef du Jour; Dept of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, IL
2012 flying through the cuckoo's nest: New Paintings & Installation by Anna Jóelsdóttir, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
2011 surge, The Clock Tower Gallery, curated by Alana Heiss, New York, NY
2009 priest chews velvet haddock, Installation, Stux Gallery, New York , NY
stone black heart murmur, Installation, Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, IL

the dandelions are over: New Paintings & Installation by Anna Jóelsdóttir
, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008 NEXT Art Fair, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
2007 2007 LOOPTOPIA, Sticks-Installation/Performance, Macy’s storefront window,
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Invitational, curated by Angelique Williams
2006 heima? / home?, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
heima? / home?
, ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland
2005 space/time, New Paintings, Stefan Stux Gallery, New York
2004 SubCity Projects, Chicago, 25 Sticks, an installation of 3D paintings
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. 42şN/ 66şN, Staci Boris, curator
2003 Hafnarborg, Institute of Culture and Fine Arts, Iceland, Flutter/Flökt
SIM Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland
Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago
2000 Hafnarborg, Institute of Culture and Fine Arts, Iceland
Group Exhibitions:

Winter Group Show,  Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


Summer Group Show,  Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Just Painted II, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
Group Matrix, Stux + Haller Gallery, New York, NY


Summer Show, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Burning Bright: Tiger, tiger,Stux Gallery, New York, NY
Cadences of Line & Color, 
Curators:H. Yngvason, Y.F. Quay & Jón Proppé, Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland,


Summer Show, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Summer: Piping Down The Valleys Wild,
group show, Stux Gallery, New York, NY
Zg 10th Anniversary Show,
 Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


MDW Art Fair, participating artist with Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Winter Group Show,  Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


MMX, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


Whimsical Impetus, Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland
Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


Infrastructure,  Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
ASI Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland

Quarter Century of Art at Hafnarborg,
Hafnarfjörđur Institute of Culture & Fine Art,
Hafnarfjörđur, Iceland
Group Think
,  Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


Art Miami, Miami, FL
Summer Show ‘07
, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Small Works, Group Show,
Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL

Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL


Land Escape”, River East Art Center, curated by Joseph Tabet, Chicago, IL
Open House Project,
Evanston, curated by Jodie Jacobi
Summer Show '06,
Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL
Six Degrees of Separation,
Stefan Stux Gallery, New York, NY
Art Chicago, International Contemporary Art Fair, Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL

2005 Beijing Biennial, Beijing, China, catalog
Working Process,” Zg Gallery Chicago, IL

Invisible Worlds, Evanston Art Center, Curated by Shona Macdonald, Evanston, IL
The Living Art Museum, curator: Ransu, Reykjavík, Iceland, Cataloge
2004 Evanston Biennial, curators:Monique Meloche & Dominic Molon, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
Touch, Higher Gallery, curator: Ed Schad, Chicago, IL
 Collegiere/To Collect, Feltre School, Chicago,IL
2003 Tabla Rasa, Prater Rouse Gallery, Norfolk, VA
The Open Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland
Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL

“New Talent,” Contemporary Art Workshop,  Chicago, IL
MFA Graduate Exhibition, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Nippon Steel/ U.S.A. Residential Award Exhibition.
Chicago, IL

2001 Hotel Show, Embassy Suites, Chicago, IL
Parson Group Award Exhibition, Partners in the Arts Project, Chicago, IL
Nippon Steel/ U.S.A. Residential Award Exhibition. Chicago, IL
2000 Gerđuberg Center for Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland
Chicago Art Open Student Show, Chicago, IL
1999 The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Spring exhibition, Chicago, IL
1995 West Bend Art Museum, West Bend, WI
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Public Collections:

Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland
ASI Art Museum Reykjavik, Iceland
Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Arts, Hafnarfjörđur Iceland

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