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Chicago Art Magazine, Review by Robin Dluzen, Oct. 1, 2010

Blue Canvas Magazine, Interview, October, 2010, Issue no. 6

New City, Michael Weinstein, September 20, 2010, pg.10


Art Letter, by Paul Klein, September 10, 2010

Art Letter (9/10/10)

There’s a lot of strong art on view tonight as the fall art season opens in Chicago. This is a competitive evening, with galleries presenting a fresh look at their agenda. There’s an intense amount on view. I sought out art that challenges me, offers new aesthetic experiences and the reward of seeing artists I’ve know and respected grow in new and exciting directions.

At Zg Gallery we are treated to the work by newbie Justin Henry Miller whose lyrical paintings I find entertaining and well-executed (does he do these with a microscope and a one-haired brush?), but it is the ‘lesser’ embellishments of old, found photographs that ring my bell. These create a dialog between old and new thoughts, times, people, styles and attitudes. And they’re cheap.

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