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NewCity, May 2, 2011

May 02, 2011
Review: Suzy Poling/Zg Gallery



Occupying a highly specialized niche of natural-beauty photography, Suzy Poling’s luscious color images of geysers in Yellowstone Park have the eerie and disquieting yet seductive feel of scenes of shimmering sites of environmental pollution and devastation, wrought by mines in the western desert. Stark color dominates among the photographic values that Poling achieves; her palette emphasizes earthen oranges, reddish browns, light purples, roiling blues and yellowish greens that bleed over the land and scar it, painting it in unfamiliar and threatening hues. Poling’s studies fascinate, yet their colors and irregular shapes make them border on the sublime, introducing us to aspects of nature that are alien to our sense of and quest for comfort, tranquility and harmony, or even of our taste for adventure and excitement.

 As one visitor to the show said as he quickly left, “These photographs seem to come from another planet.” They remind us that the world is neither made for nor belongs to our species. (Michael Weinstein)

Suzy Poling, "Bacteria Mat #3"
archival pigment print, 2011
Through June 25 at
Zg Gallery, 300 West Superior

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flavorpill CHI | NYC | SF | LA | LONDON                                                                     June 26 - July 2, 2007

Cultural Stimuli in CHI
Issue : flavor


In her latest exhibition, photographer Suzy Poling documents derelict institutions and places of abandonment. Wonderland of Decay lingers in the empty hallways of a mental hospital, recording the shredded insulation, piles of discarded test tubes, and peeling paint of candy-colored walls left after years of disuse. The second series, Dead Amusements, captures upended bumper cars, faded signs, and rusting carnival rides in a backwoods American theme park. These two suites are so aesthetically lavish, elegantly composed, and bathed in cool light, that one could almost overlook the heaviness of the spaces themselves, decaying landscapes seething with melancholy and an eerie intensity. (AMM)


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