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Chicago Tribune, Friday, October 28, 2011, sec 5 cover

Saya Woolfalk: No Place: Wonders from that World

Zg Gallery
Now through February 10

Audrey M. Mast

Inspired by a year in Brazil, Saya Woolfalk's new work is a deceptively cute, motley investigation of otherness. The exhibition's title references Renaissance philosopher Sir Thomas More's Utopia, but Woolfalk's interpretation of "no place" is a postcolonial Candy Land populated with fuzzily fleeced and tropical calico-print creatures. Alongside this installation, a single-channel video features two brightly clad dancers in a bizarre, ritualistic duet to what sounds like a bossa nova-spiked Nintendo tune. Her works on paper, particularly the Seven Wonders series, are dreamy, symbol-laden landscapes that imagine an eroticized alternate world of fertility temples and colossal banana-draped monuments, set against backdrops of rainbows and puffy clouds. (AMM)

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