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April 16 - June 29, 2019


  Amy Casey
Benjamin Cook
Chris Cosnowski
Julie Farstad
Gregory Jacobsen
Duk Ju L. Kim
Renee McGinnis
Justin Henry Miller
Clare Rosean
Jackie Tileston
Eric Tucker
Kirsten Valentine

Chris Cosnowski "Keep Calm and Carry On," oil on panel, 20" x 20" framed


Amy Casey "Jostle" acrylic on clayboard panel, 12" x 12"

Amy Casey "All at Sea" acrylic on paper, framed: 37" x 47.25" sold


Clare Rosean, "Bungalow-down" oil on panel, 10" x 10" sold

Clare Rosean, "Office #1"
mixed media on paper, framed: 22.25" x 16.25"
Clare Rosean, "Office #1"
mixed media on paper, framed: 22.25" x 16.25"
Justin Henry Miller, "Don't Cry, Have a Nice Day!" oil on panel, 13.5" x 11,5" framed


Justin Henry Miller, "Cactus Trap"
oil on panel, framed:11.5" x 10.5"
Justin Henry Miller, "Queen (Maria)"
oil on panel, framed: 9.75" x 9.5"


Benjamin Cook, "Round and Round" acrylic & air spray on canvas, 36" x 24"
Benjamin Cook, "Flower" sold
acrylic & air spray on panel, 24" x 18"
Benjamin Cook, "Wake Up" sold
acrylic & air spray on panel, 24" x 18"
Jackie Tileston, "Cognitive Panorama" oil, enamel and mixed media on linen, 54" x 60"
Kirsten Valentine, "Loveseat" oil on panel, 12' x 12" sold

Kirsten Valentine, "21"
oil and graphite on paper, 12" x 9"
Kirsten Valentine, "Chris" sold
oil and graphite on paper, 12" x 9"
"Victory Roses," oil on panel, 5" diameter
Eric Tucker,  "See Beyond" (front and profile views) each 11.5"h. x 17.5"w. x 6" depth
Duk Ju L. Kim, "Interdepartmental"  oil on muslin, 52" x 66"
Julie Farstad, "In the Forest"  oil on panel, framed 14" x 14"
Julie Farstad, "Low-Fi: Dreaming of Songs to Save You"  oil on clayboard, framed 16" x 13" sold
Gregory Jacobsen, "Glamor Cats" series, oil on cradled panel, each 6" x 6"
"Mr. Agent Cooper" "Yucky" "Ernest"
"Precious" "Brundle" "Toffee"
"Wednesday" "Xena" "Miz"

Left: Justin Henry Miller   Center: Julie Farstad   Right: Gregory Jacobsen
Amy Casey "All at Sea" and "Jostled"
Left: Chris Cosnowski "Keep Calm and Carry On"   Right: Clare Rosean "Bungalow-down"
Left: Gregory Jacobsen "Glamor Cat" series     Right: Clare Rosean "Office #1"
Left: Benjamin Cook "History Abridged" series       Right: Jackie Tileston "Cognitive Panorama"
Left: Kirsten Valentine "Chris" "Loveseat" "21"      Right: Duk Ju L. Kim "Interdepartmental"
Left: Renee McGinnis    Center: Eric Tucker    Right: Benjamin Cook
Justin Henry Miller "Don't Cry, Have a Nice Day"  "Cactus Trap" and "Queen (Maria)"

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